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Using Heat & Ultra Sound Technology For Incredible Fat Loss & Cosmetic Body Contouring Results!

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Lose 1"- 3" Fast Without Dieting, Exercise or Supplements!

Bodenvy's program is a FDA approved non-invasive set of technologies that uses heat and ultra sound technologies for body sculpting.   These non-surgical scientifically proven medical devices permanently reduce fat and tighten skin.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

* See guarantee page, subject to change, with 2 CoolSculpting treatment regimen, 1 CoolSculpting re-treat.

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3 UltraShape and 3 VelaShape treatments, offer subject to change & cancellation.

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** See Financing page, subject to change, must qualify, Financing for CoolSculpting Only

Keep Cool & Burn Fat Orlando

Our CoolSonic Plus program isn’t for people that are interested in losing weight, but instead wish to lose inches.  If you tried control or exercise programs and still have some unwanted fat then our body sculpting services may be for you.  It’s not a rigorous diet or exercise program. It’s a combination of pain-free non-invasive treatments that permanently reduces fat.  Your results will always vary, but you can expect 1-3 inch reduction. If your within thirty pounds of your ideal body weight and you don’t want the hassle of a physical condition lifestyle diet then call us today at 407-NEW-BODY.  We will sit down with you and give you an honest expectation of results. Keep in mind results may vary for individuals depending on the amount of your visceral fat and other factors. We are so sure that you will love your new body that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee that is not impacted by weight control or exercise.  If you don’t want to worry about diet and personal commitment and still look great call us for a free consultation. Most people fulfill the health requirements for our body sculpting services, but it’s important we review your specific health issue information. We want to make sure you treat your specific health care issues prior to treatment.  Our services are not intended for weight loss results, but instead to permanently reduce fat, tighten skin and tone underlying muscle. Contact us if you want to burn fat Orlando to get the body you want without starting any nutrition weight control program. Our system is fast, easy, painless and doesn’t require you to consult your primary physician.
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